I was born In Paris in 1970.  I began my musical career with the classical guitar at the age of 14, and I switched to the upright bass at the age of 17. I was exposed to jazz music throughout my childhood because that's what my dad played in the house constantly.


After developing a love for jazz, I was inspired to study at the Conservatory of Paris; then I started gigging all over Paris and all over the world. I also taught jazz at a conservatory during this time


I moved to the US in 2005. Since that time I  have played at many prominent jazz venues including:


The Cape May Jazz Festival, 2010, West Oak Lane Jazz Festival, (Philadelphia), 2009, as well as NY Jazz Clubs (Sweet Rhythm , Jazz Standard,  Joe’s Pub, Cleopatra’s Needle)

In 2017, I formed my own band called  The Alex Hiele Paris Jazz Combo and have  a record deal with Sergent Major company, based in Europe. I released my first CD , I LOVE PARIS in May 2018.

This year I'm releasing another CD called ONCE UPON A SUMMERTIME

also on Sergent Major Company


I have been performing in the greater Philadelphia area and in New York  since 2005 with my trio, ,the singer Michelle Wiley,The hot club of Philadelphia,and the New Hope collective featuring

Jim Stagnitto on trumpet

before that i performed at festivals and clubs all over Europe with The spirit of life ensemble

Ensemble 4'33 featuring Alexei Aigui on violin

and the singer Mina Agossi,Mark Turner and  Ted Curson.


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing.