Mixing,re arranging a Cole Porter tribute album is always a big challenge.
Because the music as different sources of inspiration.
Portray a Cole Porter of fine writing ,carried by irreverence and complexity.
This inspired duality that produced the most beautiful titles of the american
repertoire.A colorful life to discover in the movie Night and Day of Michael Curtiz
with Gary Grant and Alexis Smith.
Alex Hiele went into that mix,courageously with evident feeling and a particular
choice of orchestration,very well named THE ALEX HIELE PARIS JAZZ COMBO.
How to reinterpret this life that has been so popular from night and day
to Delovely with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd and make it a personal testimony.
You'll have to like the "belle epoque",the magical instants of cinema.
You'll have to be inspired by the belles of Hollywood,the libretarian Poets,
the Russian Ballet and choreographies.You'll have to remember the partners of Cole:
Howard Sturges,Boston and his long time friend Ray Kelly,who's children still get
half of the royalties of Cole who didn't have any children.
And there is so many versions,so many  lines sometimes unfinished.
It was a big chalenge that Alex Hiele has made.An affrontement with furtive images,
a swinging temptation,a fregrance you don't forget and a Paris so true.
Hellen Page
translated from french


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September 1st 2018